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Swg rebel base locations

swg rebel base locations Rewards: Rebel Assault Forest Camouflage Armor Boots, 120,350 Experience and GCW Points And that's it for Lok. 2. ) 8 Ancient Bull Rancors — Not commonly found in Rancor Heaven (located 2 lairs in an hour at the NE quadrant about 2500 due NE of Dath outpost) * also rumoured to hang around the dath imp prison. However, joining a faction requires a bit of work: you can't simply declare yourself a Rebel or Imperial. Rebel Outpost 3676 -6419 Rebel Base -6947 5614 Artisan Trainers Tatooine - Bestine -1265 /way tatooine 134 -5349 Storage crate near the Rebel Mission Terminals in the [] cantina; /way dantooine -6676 5557 Black container in the [Rebel Base|Abandoned Rebel Base]; /way dathomir 5696 1952 In a ship wreckage (near [Trade Outpost|Dathomir Trade Outpost]); Note: This mission may be bugged. SWG Waypoint. It first appeared in the 1977 film Star Wars and is depicted as a large red gas giant with an extensive satellite system of moons. …has seen the Rogue Corsec Base on Corellia. Other Noteworthy Locations on Dathomir: Battlefields: Darthomir PvP Battlefield : LOC 4162,-4279 Y A V I N LABOR OUTPOST X -6982 -5661 Vafo Ge'Riwi (a commoner) : Herald for "Temple of the Blue Leaf Cluster" X A Chiss Male -6877 -5682 (herald, Exar Kun's Temple) EXAR KUN TEMPLE (Rebel Themepark, Continued) +5098 +5560 * General Jan Dodonna Location: The site of a battle between Rebel and Imperial forces You have observed a battle between Rebel and Imperial Forces on Talus. 1. The hidden military base of the Rebel Alliance is located on its fourth moon, Yavin 4. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect clip. 5 Heroes vs 1st - Lok Imp base (-1891 -3032) (iin fenced in area) 2nd - Dath Prison camp - By desk where the prisioner is behind bars(back left side of base) -in a small storage drum at –6308, 754 3rd - Rori Corbal cave 2nd level down In bookshelf - on a bookshelf at 5451, 5025 Windows Mobile The Galactic Civil War rages: Imperial forces have discovered the location of the Rebel base on the ice-planet of Hoth. All of our steel frame docks are built using Galvanized 12-gauge steel with 14-gauge C-Purlin bracing on 16 in. On Yavin 4 is located an important Rebel base. 4 Meeting Center 1. To resign from your current faction you must speak to a recruiter. My character is a low 20's force sensitve Tierfon is a smaller base focused on keeping its starfighters operational. Gallery [edit | edit source] Yeah, when you move the base, the first thing you do is reveal the location of the old one. Kashyyyk. Our design approach was to reinterpret an existing 1930s modernist house, perched atop the Parkview ridge, into an open bright, timeless home adapted for a contemporary lifestyle on top of Westcliff with a stunning view of The Standard Steel T-Dock has an approximate weight capacity of 800 pounds and can easily accommodate 2-3 people who are actively fishing. 15) Abandoned Rebel Base (Easy POI 5/5) 16) Rebel Themepark – Part 3 17) The Warren – Compassion (Content 3/5) 18) The Warren – Imperial Hero (Content 4/5) Yavin IV 19) The Temple of Exar K'un (Jedi POI 3/3) 20) Rebel Themepark – Part 4 (Content 5/5) The Imperial Path – 17 Steps: Starting 1) Master a profession (does not need to be an The Rebel Alliance has no main HQ as it uses guerilla tactics, but there are rumors of a secret Rebel base on the planet of Corellia as well as many others scattered around the galaxy. " — In-game Description 1 Overview 2 Missions 3 Gallery 4 Trivia Marin is the largest city in the Frontier, north or south. Jabba's Palace, the Hidden Rebel Base, and the Emperor's Retreat can all be found in the POI tab, on your datapad. …has seen the majestic falls of Theed. Posts: 1,246 . 1 Core BaseCost: 50,000 Credits 1. " — In-game description The Great Temple is a multiplayer land map in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II that is set on Yavin 4. can anyone give me the names and locations of some more contacts. It is over this moon's parent planet that the famous Battle of Yavin took place. On Resto When SWG was live I played on 7 different characters on two servers (Kauri and Eclipse) on three accounts and played daily. innasegal. 1. Jedi can visit them to meditate or find a replacement robe from the radial menu after nearing the shrine and using the /kneel command. 00 Double-clicking on travel points now sends you to the location. This Theme park is split up in 6 parts, each situated in a different location. 1 Overview 2 Modes 2. Jean Stewart Elementary School 680 Fish Creek Thoroughfare Montgomery, Texas 77316 Caroline is a mechanic affiliated with the Ptolemaic Army and a villain and playable character in Metal Slug Attack. This is where the Millennium Falcon lands and the rebel’s stage their attack on the first Death Star as it is closing in on Yavin 4. 1. 5 ACE 1. Section One was an imperial guild that is most known for its passion for guild wars. 2nd - Dantooine - The Dantooine Location is the Janta Stronghold (7197, -4090). 3 Hot Trap 1. [POIs/Themeparks/Caves] [Caves/Dungeons/Static Player GCW bases • Destruction of a player GCW base rewards a GCW point value based on the planetary control value of the base at the time it is destroyed. This sort of randomness requires people to get out there and hunt and survey. Before you Rori - Rebel Outpost 3676 -6419; Naboo - Dee'ja Peak 4770 -1274; Dantooine - Rebel Base -6947 5614 These 4 Theme Parks include Jabba's Palace(Jabba) on Tatooine, the Hidden Rebel Base(Rebel) on Corellia, the Emperor's Retreat(Imperial) on Naboo, and Nym's Stronghold(Nym) on Lok. 2. Despite their stated goal, they appear to only exist in the Monroe Republic. 5 Hidden Fortresses 1. 2 Another Story 1. File:Badges corsec. Bazaar Terminal Updates. 2 In-engine images The following is a list of maps that are set Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977) clip with quote Now, Your Highness, we will discuss the location of your hidden rebel base. After finishing five missions here, you cannot return. 2 Phase II: 5. Following amajor battlethat took place around Yavin,the Alliancerelocatedits headquarters toHoth. Imperial Base /Waypoint 5888 5641 Rebel Base /Waypoint 4845 5856 An in-game announcement will be made to signal the start period of the event. It is in the only item that isn't a mag-seal container. has found a Marauder base on Endor. Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off SWG PRE CU TRAINER LOCATIONS . New Double-clicking on travel points now sends you to the location. 'Last Jedi' Crystal Foxes Might Help Establish Rebel Base Timeline. The vendor which spawns here is a Black Market Bar vendor who notably sells Greenfruit . Rebel Base is a one-house-bar town. 2. If you would like to create a new unit please use this form. The exterior of the hangar entrance was shot at Cardington through a matte painting of a temple structure. Rebel recruiter options Join the Rebel Alliance faction Resign from the Rebel Alliance (and the Galactic Civil War) and become a civilian Change service status to Special Forces, Combatant, or On Leave (some high ranked NPC Joker Squad UK. 3 Cloak of Darkness 1. 2 The Imperial Path – 17 Steps: 4. (Sure, there's an elevator for you rock & rollers!) It's the best. …has seen the Rogue Corsec Base on Corellia. 1 History 1. 2. Shed 1 served as the Rebel hangar in Episode IV. It will become available after completing the quest "Liberate Captain Marshall"; Elizabeth Cadence will move down there and free the stairs so that Nicholas Raine can pass. Corsec Base 5291 1494 Grand Theater -5421 -6212 Crystal Fountain 6760 -5617 Agrilat Swamp (200m away from the waypoint, towards the Rogue CorSec base) Rebel Hideout (unconfirmed if location or completion badge) TALUS BADGES - 3 Lost Village of Durbin 4300 1020 Imperial Outpost -2193 2494 Imperial vs. 1 The Rebel Path – 20 Steps: 4. 2 Blast 2. " It appears as though the base is actually a rebel hideout, already occupied by the rebellion at the start of the The Rebel base on Yavin 4 was filmed in the forests of Tikal, Guatemala. You have been recognized for bravery in the face of danger, for rescuing Imperial Loyalists from the Rebel Menace, imprisoned on a Rebel Blockade Runner. 2. centers. …has visited the famous outdoor theater on Vreni Island. Dantari Village: (-3929, -5632) Yavin IV is the fourth moon of the orange gas giant Yavin. I just finished the jabba the hutt missions and would like some more missions. When film crews returned to Cardington in 2015 to shoot Rogue One, they used Shed 2. A rebel base has been discovered in the emperor's backyard and it possesses a weapon capable of downing shuttles! You must deliver the holodisks you recently aquired from a Thug to an analyst named Geg Winthasen, after visting the Captain in between, of course. 1 Flying Ace 1. For more details about Inna please visit www. For all the Empire knows, they could have come from all over the galaxy, meeting at a pre-arranged point for a large pre-planned mission, without ever knowing the location of the primary rebel base. (maybe at least keep a sticky thread about which active player-cities have all the elite trainers placed). Chapters: Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance, Squadrons, Canyon Corsair, Faction, Antenna Destruction, AT-AT Pilot Survival Suit, AT-ST, Captain Jasha, Colonel Darkstone, Commander D'Krn, Corellia Stronghold, Disrupting Enemy Reinforcements, Part II, Disrupting Enemy Reinforcements, Galactic Marine Armor, Imperial Serves as a recruiting station for beginning rebel pilots. 2 Butterfly Disaster 1. …has visited the stately falls of Dee’ja Peak. Rebel recruiters can be found throughout the galaxy, nearby Rebel Mission Terminals, and inside rebel player Faction Bases. 3) Kill the Rebellion's Courier (Vader No. To enable reloading for this scenario, a configuration file called rebel. 1 reply . Mobyus1 210,465 views. Star Wars Galaxies - Flight over the Hidden Rebel Base DinMad6. Tusken Rifle damage type changed from Energy to Kinetic. We're serious about Fun, Charity and Star Wars Unofficial Wiki for the Revelation Star Wars Galaxies Emulator Server Stats - Patch Notes - Server IRC - Server Rules With hundreds of tweaks and balances to your favorite professions, you can finally play that Carbineer / Pikeman you never thought would be a viable template. 6 Training Facility 1. There are two copper nodes next to the site, which make it an interesting location for an early mining career. The Rebel base on Yavin IV was introduced in A New Hope. You can join either side in the conflict or even remain neutral if you so choose. fandom. Location: A cave inhabited by Aqualish soldiers. I'm trying to advance my character on the "Star Wars Galaxies" Game. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. png: Location: Rogue Corsec Base on Corellia You have seen the [Corsec Base|Rogue Corsec Base] on Corellia. In the years after the Empire’s defeat C-3PO served Leia Organa, becoming the (Vader No. Princess Leia was strong and was able to resist the droid and did not reveal the Secret Rebel Base location. Well, because a) WoW is a hundred times more polished than SWG ever was; b) because in SWG, Rebels and Imperials were bumping against each other from the moment of character creation, whereas WoW used widely separated realms that channeled you through a PvE experience for quite some time before this was even a factor; c) WoW led you narratively dantooine rebel base. 1. xml for all backoffice extensions. It was home to Bloodfin's most popular "Guild War Guild", Section One. 4 Scrap Memory 1. 1. Unlike most other ItemName: Lego Hoth Rebel Base (Limited Edition - with K-3PO), ItemType: Set, ItemNo: 7666-1, Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigs and sets, both new or used from the world's largest online LEGO marketplace. New Mandalore was one of the original player cities on the live Bloodfin server, located on Dantooine near the Force Crystal Cave and Abandoned Rebel Base. Galactic Civil War Rewards . Like, a few steps away. The base itself has several famous Rebel heroes. (-6542, 5972) -Kor Vella has seen Rogue Corsec Base on Corellia. Most however are on the planet surface and two pieces are in the mining facility. Come here to do the first part of the Star Wars Lore During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance established Dantooine as their headquarters, establishing a prefabricated base in the ruins of the old Jedi Enclave and using the planet as a staging post for starfighter strikes — most famously, the Battle of Danuta for the recovery of the Death Star plans. Newsnet Terminals now take players to the TopG vote link. Darth Vader orders his forces to commence a ground assault aimed at destroying Echo Base's main power generator. So when we say we have the best location, in the best location - it's the truth! Our Rebel Base is right over the pool. 1. 3 Force Sensitivity 4. a guest Badge Locations Abandoned Rebel Base: (-6858, 5725) - Badge was attained at the front entrance. Imperial Medal of Honor You have been recognized as an elite Imperial soldier for work in eliminating key Rebel personnel aboard a fully functional Rebel Blockade Runner. The Hidden Rebel Base is a temporary location for the leaders of the Rebel Alliance while they look for a more secret place to go. *Leaving us to Google locations for hard-to-find elite profession trainers. Rebel Coordinator: (91, -4520) Statue: (-1905, 3988) Serji-X Arrogantus: (-204, 4577) Wall: (2547, 4744) Wind Generator Farm: (6307, 4376) Race Track Agrilat Swamp Race Coordinator: (1680, 4700) Dantooine Badge Locations Abandoned Rebel Base: (-6858, 5725) - Badge was attained at the front entrance. Its remote, underground location keeps it safely hidden from Di Ravello. Yavin (also known as "Yavin Prime", to distinguish it from its moons) is a fictional planet in the Star Wars galaxy. Founded in Feb'13 & has grown to 90 members who costume as characters from the universe of Star Wars. The Mayan ruins of Tikal were used for the establishing shots of the rebel Massassi base at the end of Star Wars, A New Hope. Hospitals now give medics the Medical Assistance buff. 1) Destroy the Rebel Base (Veers No. 4 Escape Plan 1. Template:Gcw The Hidden Rebel Base, also known as the Rebel Hideout, on the planet Corellia was one of the locations the Alliance High Command relocated to after the Battle of Yavin while looking for a more secret location. The Northern Wasteland base is located under the "Second Chance" bar in Wellspring. Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided Wiki Guide. It is under control of the Trade Ninjas, like the Bar in The Hub close to it. ) 19 Tusken Raiders — Easily accomplished at Fort Tusken. 2 The Dreams of the Prodigious Mechanic 1. At one point, the guild had openly declared guild wars against every rebel guild 1st - The codes in anchorhead (134, -5349) are found in a container next to the reb recruiter in the cantina. 3 Training Camps 1. The most dangerous creature you and your friends will encounter in Wampa Valley appears: the brutal Unkajo! has seen the Rebel Hideout on Corellia. Later, with little options left, the Rebels would remain on the move and use their fleet as their main base. Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire (1995) was notable for being the first major piece of Star Wars media to incorporate live-action footage since Return of the Jedi. 2. also gives u the av21 land speeder at the end of the mission and you can get the powerplant on the vette. Over the years, he was involved in some of the galaxy’s most defining moments and thrilling battles -- and is fluent in more than seven million forms of communication. As you defeat all of the wampas in the valley, you hear a loud roar near the base. Then the Rebel player chooses one system to house the Rebel base, pulls its card out of the probe deck, slots it under the game board, and reshuffles the probe deck. Before you How to Become a Jedi: The Guide! 1 Table of Contents 2 Preface 3 Introduction 4 Section 1: Intro Quest - Glowing and Visits 4. While only the feature films and selected other works are considered canon to the franchise since the 2012 acquisition of Lucasfilm by The Walt Disney Company, some canon planets were first named or explored in works from the non-canon Star Wars expanded universe, now rebranded Star Wars Legends. Pages: 37. Location: Dantooine (-6828 5502) Badges: Rebel Themepark (part of quest); POI badge; Type: POI; Special Features: NPCs: Ackbar; Mon Mothma; Leia Organa; Brother Ezkiel; Brother Vrovel. I mastered all the combat professions, support professions and had started crafting mastery too (didn't get to far into mastering any). This LEGO version includes many features from the film plus more: The Church at Woodforest. They go after Leia because time is a factor. Airen Cracken, General: CL 10 Leader of "Cracken's Crew," one of the most successful resistance groups during The Dark Times. 2. At one point, the guild had openly declared guild wars against every rebel guild …has visited the abandoned Rebel Base on Dantooine. The Ghost crew and other rebel cells from across the galaxy joined together there in the early days of the Rebellion. They are also busy assembling all their fleet and recruiting as many people as possible. (-3809, -5722) -Imperial Outpost has visited a Dantari Rock Village. There are at least 4 Force Shrines on every planet except Kashyyyk and Mustafar. Removed faction restriction from Abandoned Rebel Base and Exar Kun Temple POIs. 2. One of the maps shows the location of Medici , but it's incorrectly shown to be several hundred kilometers north of the actual location (as proven by coordinates). This book consists of articles from Wikia or other free sources online. 1. 9:23. 1 Overview 2 Maps and modes 2. com: Swg - Rebel Alliance: Rebel Alliance Ships, Rebel Characters, Abandoned Rebel Base, Antenna Sabotage, Assist Wedge Antilles, Booto Lubble, C (9781234836887) by Source Wikia and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great prices. This gives a 30-minute duration increase to medic buffs. 4 Hangar and Repair Bay 1. The two warring groups in Star Wars Galaxies are the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. Terminals: Starship Terminal at /way -6790 5554 Collections: Rebel Battle Armor Left Bracer at /way -6631 5476; Notes: The third part of the Rebel Themepark takes place here. 2) Retrieve the Agent's Information (Vader No. We offer a 20 percent comic book discount to our subscribers and carry a full line of comic books and action figures and other toys. Force shrines are part of the Jedi system between Jedi Initiate and Jedi Padawan. 2. Skill Trainer List. 1. 2. Yarn is the best search for video clips by quote. The only two exceptions are Blood Gulch, which features insurrectionists within Etran Harborage, and Memorial Basin, which contains empty base build sites on Harvest. As the droid army storms up a beach, Wookiee Warriors and Clone troopers dig in to defend a grounded cruiser Keep in mind that the Empire doesn't know all these rebels came from the base on Yavin. This is the menacing Interrogator Droid that was used on Princess Leia by the Galactic Empire on the Death Star. Location: Heart of Agrilat Crystal Swamps You have explored the depths of the [Swamp|Agrilat Crystal Swamp]. You will eventually interact with many of the Rebel heroes as you go on quests and have an adventure throughout the galaxy. +3600 / +5100 Rebel Base there is a rebel base on Corellia, dont have the coordinates im sure if you ask around someone will tell you, its NW of Kor Vella. then that means Crait might have been the Rebel base location between Yavin 4 in A New Hope and Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. Rebel Base -6947 5614; Naboo - Dee'ja Peak 4770 -1274 Rori - Rebel Outpost 3676 -6419; Talus - Dearic 351 the best place to get gcw and faction at the same time is the corvette missions at the old rebel base on corillia. Rebel recruiter is a type of Rebel Alliance NPC. Listen up soldier! If you perform well in the line of duty, here are some of the rewards you can earn based on your current rank: Enlisted Rewards POI - Abandoned Rebel Base SWGANH Wiki is a repository of Star Wars Galaxies Developer information. 1 What Sort of Base to Build 1. Talk to Admiral Ackbar who is located inside the main building at -6812 5560. 8 Command and control center 1. However, joining a faction requires a bit of work: you can't simply declare yourself a Rebel or Imperial. Second floor, so no flooding puddles or too many stairs to climb. …has visited the stately falls of Dee’ja Peak. Creature Handler Max Pet increased by 1. 3. The game takes place during the events of A New Hope, and allows you to visit several key locations from the first two films (including Beggar's Canyon, Hoth and the Death Star). A flyover the POI "Hidden Rebel Base" on Corellia. 1 Enhanced Security 1. Native Strengths and New Adaptations The Rebel encampments exist throughout the Monroe Republic, even on the outskirts of major cities, where they look for methods of entry. Corsec Base 5291 1494 Grand Theater -5421 -6212 Crystal Fountain 6760 -5617 Agrilat Swamp 1387 3749 Rebel Hideout -6530 5967 TALUS BADGES - 4 Lost Village of Durbin 4300 1020 Imperial Outpost -2193 2494 Imperial vs. The two warring groups in Star Wars Galaxies are the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire. 2. # RB203 # WindsorHills # GalaxysEdge …has visited the abandoned Rebel Base on Dantooine. 1. It is a jungle world, known for housing a major rebel base after the Dantooine base was abandoned. 1) A Rebel on Naboo (Vader No. It was also used to recruit any new Rebels from the planet, and task Rebel Spacers to assist with the Alliance's efforts. Removed Exiled Jantas from Abandoned Rebel base. 4) Meet Lord Vader's Information Broker (Vader No. Removed faction restriction from Abandoned Rebel Base and Exar Kun Temple POIs. rebel. Finally, in the frigid wastelands of Hoth lies the most important and expansive base of all– Echo Base, the current headquarters for the entire Rebellion. They tried to extract information from her that would uncover where the Rebel Base was located. The Earthbound setting for the Massassi Outpost on the fourth moon of the planet Yavin seen towards the end of ANH was filmed at the Mayan temple complex at Tikal. 1 Badges 4. Starting Location: (-6800, 6000) he is located in a hut near the Abandoned Rebel Base on the side of a steep hill. Trade Ninjas. Rebel guilds, contact Chavex for Phnx guild, or Decria for -ES- (more directed for pvp), Not sure who is guild leader of Lions is but another rebel base guild. Vreni Island (Alliance Stronghold) An island in the southwest sea of Corellia. Admiral Ackbar Prep the Rebel ships in the hanger! Celebrate a victory in the celebration hall! And more! This base is a crucial location in Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope. 2. 2) Rescue the Stormtroopers New Mandalore was one of the original player cities on the live Bloodfin server, located on Dantooine near the Force Crystal Cave and Abandoned Rebel Base. xml must be provided. 2 Safe House 1. File:Badges hideout. The fictional universe of the Star Wars franchise features multiple planets and moons. . Next, travel to the Abandoned Rebel Base on Dantooine. 1 Extra Ops 1. 2 Base Defenses 1. They knew we wanted revenge. 7 Laboratory 1. Beware the Stormtroopers that patrol the mountains, looking for this rumoured location. It was here where Princess Leia fled after her escape from the Empire, and where the Rebellion initiated the attack that In Halo Wars, Rebel Bases occupy base build sites on Skirmish maps that take place on Harvest or Arcadia. x and later) can automatically generate a suitable rebel. 1. Wes Janson: CL 8 A member of the Tierfon Yellow Aces, successful enough to be transferred to the main Rebel base on Yavin 4. com. Also, in SWG resource stats and locations changed every few weeks, so some uber hide that certain animals on tatooine dropped would be available for maybe 12 days then poof. Nyrus Pars a. you can keep farming tickets by putting a complete ticket in your bank account and retake the mission. (-1822, -3087) -Nyms Stronghold has climbed to the top of Adi's Rest. Wayfar, Tatooine These 4 Theme Parks include Jabba's Palace (Jabba) on Tatooine, the Hidden Rebel Base (Rebel) on Corellia, the Emperor's Retreat (Imperial) on Naboo, and Nym's Stronghold (Nym) on Lok. * Rebel Base on Restuss * Rebel Outpost, Rori * Coronet * Outside the Starport in Moenia, Naboo If you decide to switch factions, you will have to wait 5 days (120 hours) before you can join the opposing faction. Star Wars Galaxies SWG - Battle of Echo Base - Duration: 9:23. At the end of the night, we tallied a total of eleven Imperial Detachment faction HQ bases destroyed, and I remember it being one of the most brutal engagements of my career in the Factions. Rebel Base Comics & Toys has been open since 1994. After the rebel base there was abandoned, however, it has become a quiet place. …has visited the famous outdoor theater on Vreni Island. 1 Expanded Base Rules 1. xml will tell JRebel where to look for updated versions of the . 1. According to the map info: "A former fishing village, the simply-named Cava de Rebelles is the center of operations for Mario Frigo's ill-faring rebellion. Locations Primary New York, NY 10001, US Get directions calle selva de mar 249, bajos, barcelona 08020 The Rebel Base is a location in the Heartland that is only accessible during a short series of missions. 1 The phases are: 5. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. As soon as you do that, all of the units on the rebel base space get placed on the actual planet, so they don't move with it. The same set of plans can also spawn at random other places inside the rebel bases, but when that happens there will be a few rebels standing in front of it and blocking the view. Converted from Guides: Created: 2005-06-30 20:13:20: Last Changed: 2005-07-01 09:09:10: Author: Instigator: Category: Quests: Last Edited : Never: Score: 5. Cava de Rebelles is a rebel base in Just Cause 3. According to Nora Clayton, their main base is located in an old shopping mall in Annapolis, Maryland. The Rebellion had finally established a base on the planet Atollon, and Ezra and Kanan were making final preparations before heading out to Malachor with Ahsoka. 2. Rebel: Veega Madish, Tyrena Cantina Corellia, /way -5237 -2546, Neutral: Tyla Jinn, Theed Cantina Naboo, /way -5182 4258, Imperial: Jevan Monsul, Bestine Cantina Tatooine, /way -1401 -3675. The valley curves into a dead end, where a Rebel base lies abandoned in the ice. 11. Rebel Bases are typically protected by two or three groups of Rebel Infantry or Sniper as well as base turrets. It is the Rebel Alliances' secret base that is almost destroyed by the Death Star. See full list on starwars. Section One was an imperial guild that is most known for its passion for guild wars. (4562, -1156) -Nyms Stronghold has found an Imperial base on Lok. Rebel forces steal an AT-AT walker and use it to demolish an Imperial base. See a full list of our profession changes, or one of the thousands of features and balances unique to Revelation. 1 Scrap Life 1. 2 Becoming Force Sensitive: 4. 1 Phase I: 5. (3090, -4638) -Nyms Stronghold Naboo has visited Amidala's Private Beach. SWG Skill Trainer Locations. A well-known Rebel hero, famous for his resistance group in the Sullust System. Guards frequently engage hostile Starving Bandits that roam the area. 3 Phase III: 5 The Secrets of the Syren Quest is faction based, meaning it has different starting locations, but seems to follow the same general thread. 9 Research Base/Outpost List. 5) Kill the Information Broker (Vader No. The Resistance Base is a location featured in RAGE. 5 Armory 1. 1 Arcade 2. class files for this JAR. "Licking its wounds from the Battle of Yavin, the Empire attacks the Rebel base in the Great Temple in hopes of acquiring data that would undermine the power of the Alliance fleet . He will not talk to you SWG: Rebel Gunship Star Destroyer run Ryan Weiss. It is used by the Resistance, as their base of operations in the Eastern Wasteland . Princess Leia Organa refused to divulge the location of the Yavin base, then fled there aboard the Millennium Falcon after her rescue from the Death Star. 2. 1 Concept art 5. 1. D&D Beyond During the Galactic Civil War, Yavin 4 was a location of one of the Rebel Alliance’s principal bases. 1. ) 8 Stintaril Prowlers — SW Quadrant of Yavin IV (near labor outpost) Took some time as they spawn one or two to a spawn. Rebel Battle -2595 3724 RORI BADGES - 4 Greetings and welcome to SWG Prophecy to the new players joining the server. Throughout the original Star Wars trilogy, the Rebels had several bases of operations, like the one on Yavin IV and the base on Hoth seen in The Empire Strikes Back. Plodding AT-AT walkers advance toward the Rebel position under air cover as Rebel defenders and their screen of T-47s try to hold the position. Here’s a list of all RL bases. 3 Co-Op 2. Rebel Battle -2595 3724 Aqualish Cave RORI BADGES - 4 Imperial Hyperdrive Facility -1070 4542 Imperial Encampment -5651 -5660 C-3PO is a droid programmed for etiquette and protocol, built by the heroic Jedi Anakin Skywalker, and a constant companion to astromech R2-D2. /way green mustafar 328 -1136 Beetle Collection #4; The Rebel hangar scenes were shot inside a pair of disused WWII airship sheds at RAF Cardington in England. com Star Wars Galaxies: Game Guides Also these places are after locations from Beta, some may have changed. 1 Maps 2. Far away from the Rebellion and wars of the south, many privileged citizens have summer homes here for the scenic views of the mountain ranges. Regarding GCW here if you are looking for a Faction base guild, here are some options. Then, from the remaining probe cards, the Rebel player secretly chooses one card and places it facedown under the Rebel base "Location" space of the game board. It was home to Bloodfin's most popular "Guild War Guild", Section One. A waypoint is added to your datapad for "Pirates Last Known Location". 6) Enhanced E11 Carbine Schematic (Veers No. Rebel Terminal Locations: Anchorhead, Tatooine. 3,211 likes · 5 talking about this. "Marin used to be the furthest north Imperial frontier-town, but it's grown into a city of its own. Newer versions of Hybris (6. …has visited Amidala’s Private Beach. Jabba's Palace, the Hidden Rebel Base, and the Emperor's Retreat can all be found in the POI tab, on your datapad. Choose Base Location: The Rebel player should make sure that all systems that contain Imperial units have been removed from the probe deck. However, the The New Republic Theme Park begins with C-3PO at the Military Base in Hanna City on Chandrila. Their locations are listed below, along with nearest starport and distance from it. (5291, 1494) -Doaba Guerfel has visited the Heart of the Agrilat Crystal Swamp. By January 22, 2021 Uncategorized 0 comments *Absence of added-in shuttle services to useful and very remote POIs that don't have their own shuttle, like the Hidden Rebel Base. Part 1: Man Down! Start: Speak to the starting NPC Rebel: Veega Madish, Tyrena Cantina Corellia, /way -5237 -2546, Neutral: Tyla Jinn, Theed Cantina Naboo, /way -5182 4258, For the musty locations some are in instances I will get the correct info and change it @ a later time. 2. Its long-term status is unknown, as the leadership at the Outpost is afraid to provoke the wrath of the Rebel Army by pushing into their territory too quickly. 3 Medical Facility 1. Added Dark Adept near Village; Geonosian Cave Loot improved, part 2. it is also next to a mag-seal container Located in the mountains of Corellia, the Legendary Black Beast of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhh, or "The Dragonbeast" is a creature with nasty, big, pointy teeth and a vicious streak a mile wide! Spawns in 2 random locations on Corellia 5 to 8 hour respawn Dark Robe of the Dragonbeast Light Robe of the Dragonbeast AbeBooks. 5 Omegalpha 2 See Also 3 Navigation As swg secrets, Dec 10, 2010 · Inna Segal is the creator of Visionary Intuitive Healing® and the best selling author of The Secret Language of Your Body. 2. …has seen the Rebel Hideout on Corellia. 2 Modes 3 Trivia 4 Voice Lines 4. Step 1: You are sent to speak with Kaila Min, Hotel in Narmle Rori, /way -5186 -2266. POIs [edit | edit source] Abandoned Bunker; Agrilat Swamp; Afarathu Cave; Corellia Stronghold; Crystal Fountain of Bela Vistal; Drall Patriot's Cave; Grand Theater of Vreni Island; Hidden Rebel Base; Lord Nyax's Cult; Rogue Corsec Base Imperial and Rebel forces must meet at their factional specific base locations on the outskirts of Restuss at the following waypoints on the day of the event. Accordingly, the Rebel player conceals a critical piece of information—the location of his Rebel base—from the game's very outset. Hospitals now give medics the Medical Assistance buff. …has visited Amidala’s Private Beach. It was also the birthplace of smuggler and New Republic General Han Solo as well as Rogue Squadron pilot and New Republic hero Wedge Antilles, along with many other humans who played important roles in the histories of the Rebel Alliance. (Theme Park interference) Bounty Hunter NPC missions from Terminal reduced from level 280 to 120 max. …has seen the majestic falls of Theed. The rebels finally locate a potential site for a secret base, but find their new home is not as isolated as originally believed Synopsis. Project: MOD HOUSE Location: Westcliff Completion: 2021 MOD HOUSE was designed to sit on its context softly and elegantly. This site is only meant to be used by SWGANH Developer team. (-4628, -2273) -Smuggler Outpost Lok has found a Kimogila skeleton on Lok. 1 Co-op 5 Gallery 5. The general you need to kill does not spawn As lots of people asking about trainers location, here they are Architect Rebel Base (-6947, 5614) Naboo, Dee'ja Peak (4770, -1274) Retired Founder of SWG Corellia was the capital planet of the Corellian system, which included Selonia, Drall, Tralus, and Talus . Hoth. 4 Galactic Assault 2. This gives a 30-minute duration increase to medic buffs. You can join either side in the conflict or even remain neutral if you so choose. Yavin 4 is ajungle-covered planet featured in DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II. Meeting the Sympathizer [Group] Level 88 1. 2 Rebel Base upgrades 1. The top Rebel guilds consolidated all the intel they had of the enemy faction base locations and their time-frames of vulnerability. …has seen the Rebel Hideout on Corellia. 4 The Old Man (Intro Quest) 5 Section 2: The Village of Aurilia 5. (1398, 3777) -Doaba Guerfel Dantooine has walked among Dantari tribesmen. Newsnet Terminals now take players to the TopG vote link. The Pond King frames and welds carry a 10-year warranty; the . 2. Find the drum near the bottom of the cave. png: Location: Rebel Hideout on Corellia You have seen the [Rebel Base|Rebel Hideout] on Corellia. swg rebel base locations